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Marc Baber

Internet E-mail:
Home/Office: 541-485-8446
Cell: 541-554-2265
P.O. Box 5008 Eugene Oregon 97405-0008 USA

  To take your organization to the next level in evolving an ideal software infrastructure that promotes internal collaboration and workflow as well as external customer and supplier relationship management.
Professional Experience:
Feb 1999 - Present President, The Bot Works, Inc.
Aug 2002 - Sep 2002 Oracle Consultant, COMSYS / Symantec
Aug 2000 - Jul 2001 Software Systems Analyst and Technical Staff Training Consultant, Best Consulting, Seattle City Light / Seattle Public Utilities Project.
Aug 1997 - Feb 1999 Programmer/Analyst II, Eugene Water & Electric Board (EWEB)
Oct 1995 - Mar 1997 Vice President of Research and Development, Datafusion, Inc.
Sep 1992 - Sep 1995 Senior Systems Analyst, Applied Parallel Research, Inc.
Jun 1989 - Aug 1992 Senior Software Tools Engineer, Intel Corp., Supercomputer Systems Division
May 1988 - May 1989 Software Integration Engineer, Analogy, Inc.
Oct 1987 - May 1988 Engineer/Scientist II, Floating Point Systems, Inc.
May 1985 - Sep 1987 Programmer/Analyst, Cray Research, Inc.
Other Experience:
Feb 1994 - Oct 1995 Boardmember, Corporate Secretary, Volunteer Oregon Public Networking
Education and Training:
2002 Attended, Lane Community College
1991 Attended, Oregon Graduate Institute
1986 Attended, University of Minnesota
Sep 1979 - Mar 1985 B.S. Computer Science, University of Oregon, Eugene
Programming languages C, C++ (including Standard Template Libraries), Java, Fortran-77, Fortran-90, HPF, Pascal, Basic, Cobol
Script languages Perl, Bourne shell, C-shell, Korn shell
Assemblers Cray assembly
Internet Languages HTML, VRML, expect, JavaScript
Web Languages and Tools  

Macromedia Dreamweaver MX, PaintShop Pro (Including Animator) , HTML, VRML, Perl (with numerous modules), CGI, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, PHP, Apache

Graphics libraries X-Windows graphics primitives, Open Inventor 3-D libs
Software Tools Unix commands and utilities: yacc, lex, make, sccs, rcs, awk, sed, make, find, grep, SGI RapidApp (CASE tool)
Personal Productivity Intuit QuickBooks Pro, MS Word, MS Excel, MS Project, MS PowerPoint
Financial Applications SCT Banner Customer Information System (CIS) for utilities
Computer Architectures Sun Microsystems, Silicon Graphics, IBM PC (Desktop and Server), DEC Alpha, HP, Cray XMP, Cray-2, IBM Power-4 (RISC), Intel iPSC, Intel Touchstone Delta (a 512-processor parallel system), Thinking Machines CM-2, VAX, VAXstation
Operating Systems
  • Unix: System V, BSD, Mach, Unicos, Dynix, SunOs, Solaris, HP-UX, Linux (Red Hat), Ultrix, Irix, AIX.
  • PC: Windows 3.1, Windows-95, Windows 2000, Windows-NT 4.0, Windows XP
  • Proprietary: Apollo: Aegis, DEC: VMS, Cray: COS
Relational Databases SQL, MySQL, Oracle RDBMS (Including PL/SQL, sqlplus, PLEdit, Pro*C, Pro*Cobol, Developer/2000, Report Builder 9i, Forms Builder 9i, WorkFlow Builder), Microsoft Access, Ingres, Postgres-95
"Hypertasking: Automatic Array and Loop Decomposition on the iPSC", Proceedings of the 24th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences, Jan. 1991, Koloa, Hawaii.
"Hypertasking Support for Dynamically Redistributable and Resizeable Arrays on the iPSC", Proceedings of the 6th Distributed Memory Computing Conference, April 1991, Portland, Oregon.
"An Implementation of the Radix Sorting Algorithm on the Touchstone Delta Prototype", Proceedings of the 6th Distributed Memory Computing Conference, April 1991, Portland, Oregon.
"The T90 Project: Self-Restarting Automated Software Testing on Multiple Hypercube Architectures", Proceedings of th Ninth Pacific Northwest Software Quality Conference, October 1991, Portland, Oregon.
"The Hypertasking Paracompiler: Parallelizing the Game of Life and Other Applications", Supercomputing Review, November 1991.
"Supercomputing's Other Grail", Allan Chen, Microcomputer Solutions (A publication of Intel Corp.), March/April 1992.
"Parallel Thinking", Kathleen K. Wiegner, Forbes, February 3, 1992.
"Creating A Simpler Parallel Program", Inteleads, January 1992.
"Faster than the blink of an eye: Big tasks await Intel's fastest computer", Richard Colby, Oregonian, April 30, 1991.
U.S. Patent # 5,845,270 "Multidimensional Input-Output Modeling for Organizing Information"
U.S. Patent # 5,446,856 "Circuitry and Method for Addressing Global Array Elements in a Distributed Memory, Multiple Processor Computer "
Professional Organizations:
Software Association of Oregon (SAO)
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