Datafusion, Inc.
139 Townsend Street, Suite 100
San Francisco, CA 94107-1946
Telephone: 415-222-0100

Datafusion changed its name to Metacode and was acquired by Interwoven in 2000.

Job Titles:

Consultant, Technical Development Manager (8/15/95-9/30/96)
Vice President Research & Development (10/1/96-3/31/97)

Duties and Accomplishments:

Prototype Development

Datafusion was developing a family of products and services combining elements of process modeling, distributed data mining and decision support.

As Datafusion's first software architect/engineer, I designed and implemented a demonstration prototype of the company's planned software product for SGI workstations using C++ with Standard Template Libraries, Open Inventor, SGI RapidApp and Postgres 95.


Invented a novel method of tracking interrelationships between subsystems and wrote the company's first patent application "Multidimension Input-Output Modeling for Organizing Information" (Issued 12/1/98 as US Patent # 5,845,270 )

Presentations for Growth Funding

Coordinated the work of several consultants to research and structure model information (as Postgres-95 tables and HTML pages). I co-presented the model for decisionmakers at a Fortune 100 company using the SGI prototype software and played a major role in winning over $8 million in growth funding for Datafusion.