Cray Research, Inc.
1440 Northland Drive
Mendota Heights, MN 55120
Telephone: 612-452-6650

Job Title: Programmer/Analyst, Libraries and Products

Duties and Accomplishments:

Microtasking and Macrotasking Parallel Programming

Implemented a DO-loop splitter to allow concurrent microtasking and vectorization. Developed barrier multitasking synchronization routines in Cray assembly language (CAL).

Utilities maintenance and porting

Maintained and enhanced several utilities written in Fortran, including a Fortran code static analyzer, a sort package, a multiprocessing event dump analyzer, and a microtasking (fine-grained parallelism) Fortran preprocessor. Ported utilities to Unix (UniCOS) environment.

Job Title: Associate Programmer/Analyst, Software Evaluation

Duties and Accomplishments:

Software Testing

Used an Intermetrics TGG Test Case Generator to generate a number of of Cray Assembler Language tests. Tested PREMULT, part of the microtasking toolkit. Planned and lead departmental transition from and Amdahl UTS environment to a VAX system. Implemented and administered a bug-tracking database using Oracle.