COMSYS / Symantec

Alan Hay, Account Manager
10220 Greenburg Road Suite 301
Portland, OR 97223
Telephone: 503-293-2499
Cell: 503-998-3498

Job Title: Oracle PL/SQL Consultant


Alan Hay (Comsys)

Skip Howe (Symantec)

Duties and Accomplishments:

Wrote PL/SQL and SQLplus scripts to automate product data promotion from Oracle Development and QA systems to Production. Nearly 1000 new product SKUs were "rolled out" in six weeks. Replacing previous semi-manual procedures using ad hoc scripts and visual verification, the new scripts handled verification and were flexible and robust enough for repeated re-use. Wrote documentation so regular staff could use and maintain new system. Also researched and reported feasibility for a contemplated future Java solution.